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The High Noon March Part 2

"Rabbi, why take this road through Samaria? Surely we will make good enough time taking the usual route," yelled James from behind attemptin to keep pace with his brother John.

The Rabbi looked and smiled noticing his friends racing behind him, the smiles in each celebration as one cotinued to get ahead of the other. James noticed the lack of repsonse from their Rabbi and knew that if he needed an answer it would not have been withheld.

Matthew, weary from the walk already, says "Yes teacher, surely nothing good has ever come out of Samaria, we should do our best to move quickly through so we won't be delayed in our work."

"What would you know of good work, tax collector?" Peter joked with a laugh. At this Matthew shrunk back in shame and Peter paused and put his hand on Matthew's shoulder, "You did great work in Judea brother."

Matthew gave Peter a smile and they both continued on shoulder to shoulder following their Rabbi. They may not undertand all that he does but they do trust him. They believe in his cause because their Rabbi believed in them first.

The Rabbi listened to the banter and the laughter of his friends as they folled him. Their laughter was something to rejoice in. He had watched them grow so much in such a short amount of time and they would continue to grow in order to complete the work ahead of them. The Rabbi himself was preparing for an appointment which he Father has made for him, an appointment that he could not miss.

It was earlier that morning when the Rabbi woke up to pray. The other's were sleeping so he sought out a quiet place where he would not be disturbed. The Rabbi's heart was heavy with mission and each day that he awoke was another day cloer to the reason he was send to this earth. Yet each day his heart was full of compassion for the peopel around him.

"Father, thank you for this new day and the mighty work you are doing."

God replied, "My faithful son, the religious leaders of this are have heard that you are making more disciples than John the Baptist. They are beginning their plot against you. The time has not

yet come, but you will need to return to Galilee."

"I will gather everyone and we will leave at once," the Rabbi responded.

"Make sure you take the road through Samaria to Jacob's Well in the city of Sychar," God instructed further.

"Father, you would like me to go through Samaria?" the Rabbi asked.

"Yes, I have heard the cries of my daughter. She is worried that I have forgotten her. Crying out for the promise I made to her father Abram," God said.

In reply the Rabbi declared, "Let your will be done here Father, that all that was lost be returned to you."

The Rabbi rested on those words, he would not let anyone be taken from from him because he loved them. And today that love would take him through Samaria to Jacob's Well to find what was lost and return it to God.

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